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Here are all our amazing horses! You can see photos and a small bio of each horse below. Sponsor your favorite horse to help support their care. 

Killian is our newest addition. She was born May 5, 2023. We will be able to watch her grow and learn as she becomes a member of the team. 


Boston is a 20 year old quarter horse gelding. He enjoys giving our Veterans lessons and also participates in 4h and barrel racing in his free time. 

Captain is a former show jumper who has retired here with us. He is well traveled and was born in the Netherlands. He loves doing ground work sessions and being ridden by our more advanced riders. 


Fairway is one of our oldest horses at HBTR. He is in his 20s and used for light riding for our beginner riders. He prefers to go slow and enjoy the scenery. 


These are some of our girls! Leia and Sacara are beautiful to look at and lots of fun to work with.  

This is Apollo, our newest horse at Hoof Beats. He is an 8 year old Arabian gelding. Apollo has a troubled past and will be spending time with our Veterans learning how to trust again


Phil is our biggest horse at Hoof Beats. At only 5 years old he is 17.1 hands tall! Phil enjoys doing ground work with the veterans and is suitable for our more advanced riders. 

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